Saturday, 25. December 2010

19:00 – Tokyo Wonder Site / Shibuya, Tokyo

“earseyes” – ensemble

Selected projects for the TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL| Performance by the Awarded Winners of “Grand Prize”.
Performer: Junko Yamamoto(Piano), Sun-Min Shim(Marimba), Masanori Oishi(Sax), Shungo Mise (Violin)

The ensemble’s interdisciplinary project “eareyes” unites new instrumental music with short films. Young composers were commissioned to compose a soundtrack to one short film by the video artists Yukihiro Taguchi and Malaka Dewapriya.

Yoshifumi Tanaka “Nest”(2008)
Oliver Frick “Chasse au moment”(2008)
Nikolaus A Huber “clash music”(1988)

“ensemble” is an ensemble for contemporary music and has been founded by a couple of lecturers of Musikhochschule Stuttgart. One of the ensemble’s central concepts is to combine contemporary instrumental music with other media and art forms.